Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Intelligent Design?

A few minutes ago, my friend and coworker called me from a bar in Portsmouth, NH. He read me something from The New York times, that personally, I found really disturbing. He found an article saying that 42% of Americans believe that intelligent design should be taught in schools. WHAT???!!! Intelligent design? Are you fucking kidding me? What is wrong with this country?

First thing people...It doesn't matter if some deity or advanced race created us or not! We have NO proof whatsoever that some all powerful intelligent being created us. We do however have proof for our natural evolution.

I guess the real problem here is the whole separation of church and state issue. We all decided many years ago that religious beliefs would not be taught in schools. BOTTOM LINE!! There is no changing this...We made a decision and we must all stick to it. Why do we need to stick to it? Well, because it solves that BIG ASS problem that we all had hundreds of years ago...Oppression by a religious group. Originally we came over here from Europe to escape this crap. Are we going backwards or what?

Point being people...It does NOT matter if an intelligent being created us. We do not know the answer, so we will not teach it! Wake up America! The right is taking control and if we do not get organized, we are going to watch as the new and upcoming generations get brainwashed into believing bullshit that has no real basis!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

It seems that oil is beginning to SUCK!

Oh how we needed the oil to get where we are. If is was not for oil, we may all be riding horses right now...or would we? From the beginning, the internal combustion engine has relied on refined petro. Whether it is oil, diesel, kero, or gas, we have consumed petro like there is no tomorrow and because of this, there may not be one. Well that is kind of "glass is half empty" of me, but seriously, think about it.

At first drilling for oil was not much of a problem, but as the impending shortage nears, war and high prices begin to show us the downfall. We are all so "addicted" to it. More addicted than I am to my precious cigarettes. If only we could find a better way...

Wow, I have an idea! How about this. How about we use hydrogen and oxygen, just like the space program uses to launch rockets. Oh, you are thinking that I must be nuts after just rambling on about how astronauts are strapped to big hydro-oxy bombs. Yes, hydrogen and oxygen make quite a bang when ignited, but so does gasoline. Six to one, half dozen to the other. The difference is that 70 percent of the earth is covered with water, an infinite supply of fuel for all intensive purposes. If you can ignite gas inside of a cylinder, than you can ignite hydrogen just the same. Mix that hydrogen with a regulated stream of pure oxy and a nice piston pushing bang would result. Would we need to develop new technologies to make this happen? We absolutely would. It would cost a lot of money and would take a lot of dedicated souls, but we could do it. In the end you would have an engine that would burn clean gas and give off nothing but water vapor.

It gets deeper. How do you get your engine to separate the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen? Well, I cannot answer that question. If I could, than I would either get knocked off by the petro billionaires or I would become a billionaire myself. I do know however, that I possess, in my bag of tricks, a brazing torch that uses electricity and a rather volatile electrolyte solution to break down the water molecule into its separate gases, creating a very clean and very hot flame for precision soldering. I would say that this technology is most certainly a good start.

Come on people, lets put our united wealth and power into something good for a change. I would bet that if all the money that has gone into the Iraq war was dedicated to the discovery of an alternative fuel source, we would all be well on our way to seeing oil fall for good. One thing though...please do not vote for presidents that have the majority of their money wrapped up in petro, it's just asking for trouble.

Why is it that when the 2 of our shuttles explode and a few great men and women die, that people feel like it is such a tragedy? Is it a tragedy? I do not think so. Lets break this down.

First we strap people to the side of a bomb. Please be aware is/was a bomb...there is no daubt about that. The shuttle uses the combination of ignited liquid hydrogen and oxygen to break gravity and propel them out into space. Hydrogen is the most flammable gas that exists naturally in our known universe and oxygen is the best known accelerator of fire. Anyway, it was a bomb that they were riding.

Do any of you out there believe that these astronauts, truly had no understanding of the danger that they face when taking off, orbiting or landing the space shuttle. Of course they did! The people who travel on these machines know all about the possible dangers that they could and undoubtably do face. It doesn't stop them however. Why would it? If given the opportunity, I would do the training, just like Christa and take off on that bomb along with the others. Why? Well, it is space we are talking about here. The opportunity to see our mother Earth from a perspective that most will never see. The opportunity to view stars with minimal light pollution. gives me chills to even think of it.

They know the danger they face and they do it anyway. They do it with loved ones and families left behind. These people are hero's! I say more power to them! I think that it is those brave men and women that may be the saving throw for humanity. After all, if we do not figure out a way off this rock, we may all go extinct before our due time anyway.

As for the tragedy...I would say that sending our armed forces over to Iraq hits it square on the nose. Here you have thousands of soldiers in a foreign land, underarmored and poorly commanded. Why are we sending young men and women to their deaths? Is it for oil? Is it because of tyranny? Is it really because of WMD? I cannot even begin to imagine a good reason to send them over there. I think that history tells us that a revolution can only work when it comes from within. So why are we over there insighting one? Lets call this one a loss people and get these young men and women back home before this turns into another Vietnam.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Still Angry...

Well hours have past and for some reason I still find myself irritated with those kids that came to my door. "Why harbor ill will?", you ask. Well, I guess I shouldn't. Fine, I'm done...No more ill will.

I guess ill will is the wrong way to discribe my feelings. I'm an emotional guy, it makes me sad to see what I see sometimes. Especially when it is young people devoting their lives to a cult. On the other hand, who am I to judge them. I mean after all, judging people is what they do and since that's what invokes this emotional response in me, maybe I should watch that in myself.

I think that the young fundamentalists should do something parallel to the Amish. Correct me if I am wrong, but don't the Amish at a certain age get the opportunity to go live amoung the rest of us, as a test, so as to make the decision of whether or not they want to stay in the Amish community?(I think that they have a list of rules to follow while on walkabout.) Anyway, I think that the fundamentalist young, for 1 year, should go out and learn a bit about evolution, astrophysics, mono vs. polytheism and more. After this year of enlightenment, then make the decision on whether to stay awhile longer or go on back. After all, as far as I know, they can always come back to Jesus later on and find their road to salvation without any reason to believe that he will not accept them. Doesn't jesus accet all who accept him? I hate to be a smart ass, but I do not think that Jesus will have a problem with you trying on the old "thinking for yourself pants".


Two men came to my door last night, both white and probably somewhere around the ages of 18 - 22. The first words to come from their mouths where, "Do you believe in Jesus Christ!?" Ummm....How am I supposed to answer that question? It always frustrates me when someone asks me this. Uhh...yes I do believe in Jesus Christ, but not in the way that they want me to. "No I have not devoted my life to changing other people into mindless followers of a contaminated religion", to indirectly answer their question. However, I do believe that a man once walked this earth named Jesus, whom in turn preached peace during a time when the Romans and others brought oppression onto the Jews and other groups. I believe that Jesus may have been one of the first real hippies. As for Jesus walking on water and in turn leading Peter to true faith, I don't know about all that.

I am sick of it all! To all of the fundamentalists out there....I really dispise the way that you all go about trying to change people. Most of you are on the offensive, attacking me at every turn telling me of my sins. You exsist in this world brainwashed like so many other self proclaimed elitist groups past and present. I feel sorry for you, especially for the young followers. There is so much that I feel you will miss out on because of your unwavering beliefs. But oh well, it is not my job or desire to help you all back here in what the rest of us call reality.

Oh yes, one more thing. To all of the murderers, rapists, child molesters, addicts, etc. who have found Jesus...remember that it is you who need it, not necessarily the others around you. As for your elitist behavior... I understand first hand that pointing out other peoples faults makes one often feel better about themselves, but this does not make it right and sure as hell does not absolve you of your possibly destructive actions, past, present or future.

Fyeeew! Ok, I feel better now. :)