Saturday, August 27, 2005


Two men came to my door last night, both white and probably somewhere around the ages of 18 - 22. The first words to come from their mouths where, "Do you believe in Jesus Christ!?" Ummm....How am I supposed to answer that question? It always frustrates me when someone asks me this. Uhh...yes I do believe in Jesus Christ, but not in the way that they want me to. "No I have not devoted my life to changing other people into mindless followers of a contaminated religion", to indirectly answer their question. However, I do believe that a man once walked this earth named Jesus, whom in turn preached peace during a time when the Romans and others brought oppression onto the Jews and other groups. I believe that Jesus may have been one of the first real hippies. As for Jesus walking on water and in turn leading Peter to true faith, I don't know about all that.

I am sick of it all! To all of the fundamentalists out there....I really dispise the way that you all go about trying to change people. Most of you are on the offensive, attacking me at every turn telling me of my sins. You exsist in this world brainwashed like so many other self proclaimed elitist groups past and present. I feel sorry for you, especially for the young followers. There is so much that I feel you will miss out on because of your unwavering beliefs. But oh well, it is not my job or desire to help you all back here in what the rest of us call reality.

Oh yes, one more thing. To all of the murderers, rapists, child molesters, addicts, etc. who have found Jesus...remember that it is you who need it, not necessarily the others around you. As for your elitist behavior... I understand first hand that pointing out other peoples faults makes one often feel better about themselves, but this does not make it right and sure as hell does not absolve you of your possibly destructive actions, past, present or future.

Fyeeew! Ok, I feel better now. :)


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