Saturday, August 27, 2005

Still Angry...

Well hours have past and for some reason I still find myself irritated with those kids that came to my door. "Why harbor ill will?", you ask. Well, I guess I shouldn't. Fine, I'm done...No more ill will.

I guess ill will is the wrong way to discribe my feelings. I'm an emotional guy, it makes me sad to see what I see sometimes. Especially when it is young people devoting their lives to a cult. On the other hand, who am I to judge them. I mean after all, judging people is what they do and since that's what invokes this emotional response in me, maybe I should watch that in myself.

I think that the young fundamentalists should do something parallel to the Amish. Correct me if I am wrong, but don't the Amish at a certain age get the opportunity to go live amoung the rest of us, as a test, so as to make the decision of whether or not they want to stay in the Amish community?(I think that they have a list of rules to follow while on walkabout.) Anyway, I think that the fundamentalist young, for 1 year, should go out and learn a bit about evolution, astrophysics, mono vs. polytheism and more. After this year of enlightenment, then make the decision on whether to stay awhile longer or go on back. After all, as far as I know, they can always come back to Jesus later on and find their road to salvation without any reason to believe that he will not accept them. Doesn't jesus accet all who accept him? I hate to be a smart ass, but I do not think that Jesus will have a problem with you trying on the old "thinking for yourself pants".


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Blogger Craig said...

Jeez. Relax. Give them a "no, thank you" and go watch spongebob.

8:40 AM  
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Blogger Marie said...

I agree with you! But I also think that fundamentalist are what they are because they want to be, I belive they are so small in their thinking and not aware of their own greatness so they need something to follow, because they don't want or can think for themselfs. Just tell them to fuck off.

8:49 AM  
Blogger Rosa Benito said...

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Blogger Lore said...

I completely agree. It's easier to get younger children/adults to dedicate themselves because they're more likely (with their still developing minds) to trust and accept any information you give them.

I grew up as a Scientologist, but now that I'm older, I can plainly see I was being lied to for many years, by both my mother and the church. While my mother did have good intentions and I don't resent her for it, I am extremely bitter at the forceful way the Scientologist staff used to talk to me, constantly trying to get me to progress in their programs and studies. I was far too young to be making my own logical decisions, and they definitely took advantage of that.

It's really important for kids to be able to discover themselves. Like you said, they need to decide whether they really want to be a part of their inherited religion/beliefs. They have the option of choosing, but I don't think many parents want to take the risk of losing their child's faith to outside imfluences, and so many people are not enlightened until they move out or are completely on their own.

9:00 AM  
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Blogger Tam Hanna said...

lovely blog!
I can definitely agree to you that teenagers are attracted by cults. In austria, it is mostly Nazi idealogy perverted into a fun club style... .
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