Sunday, August 28, 2005


Why is it that when the 2 of our shuttles explode and a few great men and women die, that people feel like it is such a tragedy? Is it a tragedy? I do not think so. Lets break this down.

First we strap people to the side of a bomb. Please be aware is/was a bomb...there is no daubt about that. The shuttle uses the combination of ignited liquid hydrogen and oxygen to break gravity and propel them out into space. Hydrogen is the most flammable gas that exists naturally in our known universe and oxygen is the best known accelerator of fire. Anyway, it was a bomb that they were riding.

Do any of you out there believe that these astronauts, truly had no understanding of the danger that they face when taking off, orbiting or landing the space shuttle. Of course they did! The people who travel on these machines know all about the possible dangers that they could and undoubtably do face. It doesn't stop them however. Why would it? If given the opportunity, I would do the training, just like Christa and take off on that bomb along with the others. Why? Well, it is space we are talking about here. The opportunity to see our mother Earth from a perspective that most will never see. The opportunity to view stars with minimal light pollution. gives me chills to even think of it.

They know the danger they face and they do it anyway. They do it with loved ones and families left behind. These people are hero's! I say more power to them! I think that it is those brave men and women that may be the saving throw for humanity. After all, if we do not figure out a way off this rock, we may all go extinct before our due time anyway.

As for the tragedy...I would say that sending our armed forces over to Iraq hits it square on the nose. Here you have thousands of soldiers in a foreign land, underarmored and poorly commanded. Why are we sending young men and women to their deaths? Is it for oil? Is it because of tyranny? Is it really because of WMD? I cannot even begin to imagine a good reason to send them over there. I think that history tells us that a revolution can only work when it comes from within. So why are we over there insighting one? Lets call this one a loss people and get these young men and women back home before this turns into another Vietnam.


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